Established 2000, Integral is a private mathematics and physics school located in the Greater Toronto Area..

Since 2000, the school "INTEGRAL" has been providing teaching services to those looking for an improvement in the their knowledge of mathematics and physics regardless of their age or educational background; students come anywhere from elementary schools to colleges or universities.

Even though the aforementioned subjects are the focus of the school, recently new ones, including an assortment of languages and chess, have been introduced as options. Depending on the grade level of the students, various innovative hands-on assignments are designed in order to create interest and a comfortable atmosphere.

It is believed that students who lack basic knowledge in certain areas will be more motivated when trained in small groups or individually at their own pace. Active participation in the learning process allows the students to build confidence and certain relevant skills they may be lacking.

The mission of the school is to let students of various ages and educational backgrounds do away with gaps in their knowledge in the most efficient, non-traditional way that brings no frustration to them.

The other arm of the school is to further develop and enrich the skills that have already been obtained to a level, allowing the students to continue their educational process independently.


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